I noticed something about money in my journey with it: when you’re really fucking poor, you don’t care as much about money as you do when you aren’t going to bounce six payments and NSF fee your way into overdraft. We’re a generation that accepted debt as fact because we had to. For people like myself, this spiraled into a stupid relationship with money.

I was all like, “yeah, whatever, I have $200 to last me until next payday and I just got paid three hours ago, I might as well spend $150 of it at the bar.”

I owe $$$$$ in student loans, what’s $3 on a coffee everyday or a $17 glass of wine at the Thompson?

Since I started to make better money, I’m much better with it and work extremely hard to control my spending, pay off debt and save enough for the future I am to have.

This is what my dumb-ass has learned along the way.


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