meowfest 2019 is coming to Toronto

meowfest is coming to Toronto

meowfest, hosted by meowbox, is a global celebration for cat lovers to support feline welfare and shelter cats and it’s coming to Toronto for the first time ever on July 6th 2019.

Basically, it’s the perfect Saturday afternoon for those who wanna die alone.

However, apparently there will be some favorite celebrity cats, which hopefully means Bruno, the world’s most extra cat.

In addition to maybe Bruno, there will also be live music, food trucks, speakers, entertainment, shopping and adoptable cats.

Tickets range from $17 to $60 dollars and 100% of proceeds will be donated to Toronto Cat Rescue and other local animal organizations. You can purchase here.

In all seriousness, this event is for a great cause and there’s been some alright cat people through history. For example…

Angela from the Office

Miranda from Sex and the City

That’s pretty much the comprehensive list.


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