Company that gave regular employees $2 billion in bonuses is hiring in Toronto

Juul hiring Toronto is making a big dent in the vaping/smoking/bad habits that will kill you category. The startup recently made headlines for giving its 1,500 employees a $2 billion dollar bonus to be split EQUALLY between them, which roughly works out to $1.3 million each.

While you’ve missed out on becoming a millionaire overnight, JUUL is currently hiring almost 500 positions, including but not limited to these ones in Toronto:

Associate Trade Marketing Manager – National Accounts
Associate Trade Marketing Manager – Specialty Channel
Associate Trade Marketing Manager – Independent Channel

What is this magical company that just gives away money, you ask?

JUUL markets itself as a technology company dedicated to eliminating cigarettes. However, the company has been criticized for aiming their sights on youth via partnerships with companies like BarStool Sports. Many social media posts featured university aged kids using the product.

The product itself is a closed-pod vaping system with temperature regulation. It’s designed to provide consistent nicotine delivery. According to Health Canada, “vaping is less harmful than smoking” and “switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping products will reduce a person’s exposure to many toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.”

“Canada’s more than five million adult smokers deserve a real alternative to combustible cigarettes,” said Mike Nederhoff, Canada General Manager, JUUL Labs. “We want to help Canadian smokers on their switching journey.”

Pods contain five percent nicotine by weight – approximately the same levels as a pack of cigarettes.

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