Got $250,000 to wire to Kendall Jenner? Well, then, here’s your how-to-guide to starting a music festival/defrauding investors out of millions of dollars.

The Frye Festival pitch deck has been posted up and it’s a true beauty. Running with the mission statement, “Understanding that today’s cohort interacts, engages and follows a new generation of role models who are defining today’s culture, the FYRE platform changes the way how they interact with their fans, followers and brands,” the deck basically says “don’t give us money, we have no clue what we are doing, we just wanna do coke with Hailey Baldwin and we’re going to fuck up real bad.”

But obviously the unpaid copywriter intern wasn’t allowed to say that.

The deck notes it’s an app that allows users to book musician talent, probably because they pulled slides from the app’s pitch deck because they didn’t want to write fresh ones for the music festival.

There’s also a big problem there. Who in today’s “cohort” is renting out Biebs for the today? There’s only been a job market for like a year. We’ve been living off credit cards and student loans since 2010.

The pitch also switches from app to music festival. BUT, it’s a music festival promote the app and be the next Coachella as a music festival side hustle. BUT, there’s not really a lot of info about that.

This is a slide.


It’s also the line I’ll be using with my accountant and realtor moving forward.

Instagram isn’t real. America is broke. This was obviously a scam.


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